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Tranquility Base lands at Google’s office for its first ever Meetup

All of the team at Tranquility Base were delighted with the success of our first Meetup on 10th December at Google’s offices in central London. Entitled ‘Tranquility Base – under the hood’ the session was designed to take a deep dive into the concept of ‘Datacenter as code’ including the technical details of our pioneering open-source cloud landing zone.

Licensed under the open source Apache 2.0, Tranquility Base enables everyone to access best practice cloud adoption without restrictions. Organisations are able to establish their cloud landing zone within their chosen cloud provider, such as Google Cloud Platform, in minutes not months with a proven, secure landing zone implemented using Terraform code. The modularised code contains deep engineering experience in building an automated cloud infrastructure.

There are many barriers to overcome in achieving a successful cloud adoption programme, particularly for financial services firms that operate in a highly regulated environment. The skills required are new and quite different to traditional ways of undertaking IT change, and unless you have access to deep expertise across many technology areas, it can prove extremely challenging. We find that most firms are inexperienced in these new skill and lack the controls and operating models required to create a secure and managed cloud environment.

We believe DevOps teams should be able to own the code and not be locked into a single cloud vendor or a third-party layer on top of their existing cloud providers. Using our extensive experience across many projects, we have therefore built a library of code that has proven to deliver best practice cloud migration and development which is offered as open source.

These discussions were the basis of our Meetup, held at our partner, Google’s very cool central London offices, and were led by our Tranquility Base project leads; Scott Holman, Parmendra Pratap, Gobind Ghattoraya and Ricardo Cordeiro.

They discussed the problems which Tranquility Base strives to solve and demonstrated how the Terraform technology can bring rapid success to cloud migration projects. The audience were also able to take away coding challenges and grill our team on the wider possibilities of Tranquility Base and how they can join our online community.

After the presentations and discussions, there was still time for guests to network and chat while enjoying food and drink and having the opportunity to speak to our team further about the extended benefits of Tranquility Base.

We are sure our guests had an enjoyable experience and got to grips with the possibilities that Tranquility Base provides. We look forward to welcoming them and new guests to our next Meetup at the same location on Tuesday 4 February 2020.

A huge thanks to all those who came along as well as our brilliant speakers and marketing team for putting on a great show!