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Tranquility Base: Half 1 2020 update

Following our successful launch at the end of 2019, we were excited to enter 2020 with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm about the Tranquility Base initiative. I would like to now take a minute to tell you more about what we have achieved so far in 2020.

The key highlights are as follows:

  • Making progress on the Eagle Console
  • A version 1.0 of the Google Landing Zone
  • An alpha version of the AWS Landing Zone
  • Contributor community has now reached a total of 38 people
  • In addition, we have moved ahead with a number of existing and potential client organisations

Eagle Console development

The Eagle Console is a web user interface (UI) that sits on top of the Cloud Landing Zone element of Tranquility Base. It provides a single consistent view across all the cloud providers, enabling development teams to provision infrastructure using a self-service portal. We aim to demonstrate this via the Eagle Console later in the year at a future MeetUp.

Landing Zones development

  • Version 1.0 of the Google Landing Zone was made available
  • An alpha version of the AWS Landing Zone was released

The Tranquility Base community

In February 2020 we held our second MeetUp event at the Google offices in London with members of the developer community, highlighting the progress we have made and showed the work we are planning to complete by the end of H1 2020. The intention is to enable teams to share a centralised ‘continuous deployment environment’ for their infrastructure, with local continuous integration. The team demonstrated our GitOps approach to managing infrastructure deployment and upgrades.

The Dev team also completed work on the ‘Activator Store’ and the ability to deploy ‘Solutions’.

Activator Store

The Activator Store is a screen within the Eagle Console that allows developers to choose from the list of pre-approved Activators and add them to their Solutions. The Store displays the Activators and allows developers to request access to them. Admins are able to grant or deny such access.

An Activator is a pre-defined and approved reference architecture for a specific workload. The central cloud team can define and approve these application blueprints via infrastructure as code (IaC) and make them available to their development teams. Activators are essentially ‘Docker images’ that contain all the ‘instructions’ required to deploy themselves into your environments, consistently and safely.


‘Solutions’ are high-level containers for a set of applications for a development team. A Solution contains a Workspace (DevOps environment) and a defined number of Environments (Development, Production etc) that applications are deployed to. The Workspace for each Solution is configurable for the tools that are required, in order to deploy and manage your CI / CD pipelines and your source code repos.

Business Development

Advanced conversations have been held with a number of existing clients who are keen to utilise Tranquility Base to help accelerate their current cloud adoption plans, as well as new client organisations who are seeking support and best practice as they embark on their cloud journey.

What’s next?

H2 roadmap

The next few months look set to be very exciting for Tranquility Base, as we continue to evolve the code, extend the application into more cloud service providers, and make available more activators for further workloads, such as High Performance Computing. In addition, we are creating:

  • Continuous deployment environment for infrastructure with continuous local integration.
  • Establishing our GitOps approach to managing infrastructure deployment and upgrades

Next MeetUp

  • The date is still to be confirmed, but if we cannot meet in person we are planning for our next event in July to be an online meeting, at which we intend to demonstrate the Eagle Console.
  • Watch this space!