We chose to create Tranquility Base, not because it was easy but because cloud migration is hard. We have combined the very best of our skills and energies to explore every aspect of this complex but exciting opportunity and believe we have developed a unique environment which supports and accelerates a client’s race to achieve their cloud migration goals. Whether one is at the  point of launch, in transit or nearing the end of their cloud migration mission, Tranquility Base is the logical choice.    

Building Tranquility Base has not been without its challenges but these were challenges we were willing to accept. Taking our inspiration from JFK’s iconic 1962, first manned moon landing speech, we believe that cloud migration is the new frontier in technological advancement for the next generation of explorers and one which ultimately will be for the benefit of all.

Tranquility Base has landed.  

We developed Tranquility Base in Open Source under Apache 2.0 licencing so that everyone can access best practice cloud adoption without restrictions.

The financial services industry still has to overcome many barriers to achieve a successful cloud adoption programme. And unless you have access to deep expertise across many technology areas this is very hard to do. In our experience most firms are inexperienced and lack the controls and operating models required to create a secure managed cloud environment.

A large amount of software infrastructure is needed before applications can be migrated. In addition a lot of this infrastructure is needed across more than one cloud provider as many firm want to build multi-cloud solutions.

In larger firms, a lot of this work is repeated on every project, with slow approvals and inefficient processes. Development teams also struggle to access best-practice deployment strategies – particularly around Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. We are passionate about DevOps and using IaC to achieve the highest levels of agility and site reliability.

We believe teams want to own the code and not be locked into a vendor or a layer on top of their existing cloud providers.

We have used our extensive experience across many projects to build a library of code that has been proven to be the best practice way of delivering modern cloud applications.