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The values we share and common goals we aspire to

Our source trees are optimized and always in working state

That extra, up-front individual effort pays off in the long term and for the team as a whole. To that end, we believe in the following:

  • Individual contributors’ discipline keeps the master branch in a working state
  • When applying a change we don’t localise optimization. We make it a point of thinking at project, not just feature level
  • We invest time and effort in build/test infrastructure that is reliable and fast. This lays the foundation for the ability to release at any time

Courtesy and respect are distinct

Being polite or courteous is one thing. Being respectful and striving to understand different perspectives is another. We do both:

  • You should feel safe to disagree with others’ views, but you will also be prepared to accept constructive criticism. We welcome and encourage different views, as long as they are expressed
  • In a fashion that is polite, constructive and in a way that targets the specific project context at hand.
  • Looking for an alternative to disagree? Opt for proposing alternatives first
  • Use ubiquitous terminology in your communication which leave less room for misinterpretation
  • We prefer to raise views and opinions via wide-distribution communication mechanisms. Mailing lists, document comments and meetings will always be a better option than 1-on-1 live messaging