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Slack collaboration guidelines

We encourage constructive and healthy communication between contributors at all levels on Tranquility Base Slack channels. We expect all to have a great time and positive experience contributing to TBase. Given Slack is our primary communication platform it makes sense to layout a few guidelines.

Expectations to adhere to the Code of Conduct applies across all communication and collaboration interfaces on Tranquility Base including Slack.


Tranquility Base Slack : https://tranquilitybasegroup.slack.com/
Please send a request to contact@tranquilitybase.io with your email

Slack Channel

Broadcast notification commands on Slack must be used very sparingly – @here , @all, @channel. All slack channel members would get immediate notifications and we expect community members to exercise judgement with respect for everybody’s time and space. If there is a message that has to be broadcasted to a channel use @here instead of @channel unless there is a pressing need for the offline channel members to be notified . @all must only be used by Slack admins for group level announcements.

Channel creation can only be done by Slack Admins and usually a dedicated channel will be required for working groups, discussion topics, sub projects etc. Request for creation of new channels with details and reasons can be sent to contact@tranquilitybase.io.

Communications and the tone on channel is expected to be courteous and respectful. We all love warmth and humour in communication as long as it’s not even remotely construable as disrespect to a member or any individual or community.

Company specific and proprietary conversations or topic are not allowed on any of the Slack Channels.

Direct Message (DM)

Direct message conversations can be used for communication that does not have much relevance to any of the Slack Channels. Company specific conversations are not allowed through Direct Messaging. Code of conduct and mutual respect applies as much to the DM communications , as it does to channel conversations.

Bots et al

Slack allows for automated communication through slack bots, webhooks and tokens. We intend to keep these to minimal as they tend to create a lot of noise on the channels. Only slack admins are allowed to set these up. Requests for setting webhooks , tokens and bots can be sent to contact@tranquilitybase.io with details and reasons.